UDO Features Comparison

FeaturesUDO LiteUDO Enterprise   
Extract & View all PI/PO Directory objects
Archive data and review offline
Interface message volumes
Graphs and charts
“Orphan objects” view
“Last Changed” view
Search for text across all mappings
Export all PI/PO Directory objects to Excel
Export all ICOs to Excel - also at receiver level
Export all message mappings to file, as well as Java and XSLT mappings
Interface Flow Diagrams for Scenarios, ICOs and iFlows
Generate Interface Documentation - to the level of detail you require
Graphical Message Mapping Documentation
Interface XML Structure including all data from SLD, ESR and DIR
Security and Compliance reporting
Trading Partner Management visibility of all Profiles and Agreements
Extract and View all Certificates
ESR Object Comparison across PI systems
Directory Object View across Landscape

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