UDO Lite

UDO Lite is in ‘pre-release’ – Coming Soon

UDO Lite is the freemium version of UDO Enterprise, and offers many features that helps you gain greater visibility over your PI interface landscape. It is simple to install, runs on your client using Java (OpenJDK), and only requires display authorisations on the backend PI system. We provide a Quick Starter Guide so you are up and running in no time.

UDO uses SAP standard APIs & web services to extract all SAP PI Directory data, as well as SLD, ESR and TPM objects, presenting them in an ‘Excel like’ user interface, where you can search, sort, filter, and archive the data. Of course you could call the same APIs and web services (and many of our Enterprise customers used to), but it requires effort – we’ve made it easy for you.

We’ve thrown in many cool features – for instance you can also extract message volumes for your interfaces. What about searching over all your message mappings to see where a UDF is used? Our unique Interface Flow Diagrams are also included – not only for iFlows, but for Scenarios and for ICOs. Certificates can be a pain point for PI application teams – UDO Lite extracts all the certificate info – including expiry dates if you have the B2B adapter installed.

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