Simplify your PI/PO interface landscape


Save time and money with UDO for SAP PI/PO


A complete overview of all your interfaces


Interface documentation, automatically created


An analytics and documentation tool, designed to save you time and money

UDO for SAP PI/PO® gives you a simple way to manage the complexity of your SAP PI/PO interface landscape.

UDO offers rich functionality enabling you to extract PI/PO interface data to Excel – or as XML to allow you to load it into your Enterprise Architecture (EA) tool – for example Alfabet, ARIS, iServer, LeanIX, or even SAP Solution Manager. And this includes Trading Partner Management (TPM) interface objects. The ESR Object Comparison compares ESR objects across your PI systems. UDO also delivers the unique automatic documentation generation feature (sample documentation), giving you the ability to document your PI/PO interfaces within minutes.

Customer Testimonials

App Integration Services Manager, Global Hygiene and Health company, 2014 – 4,000 interfaces

“We used UDO extensively a few years ago during our migration to SAP PO Java. We found it useful to discover the unused interfaces, using the ‘message volume’ information. We extracted all the details to excel, and then organized the project tasks based on the excel export.

I love the Excel export – the filtering capability of Excel makes is much easier to analyze our system.

Today I still use it, mainly for finding undocumented interfaces. For example, someone asks me which interface is writing to directory X. I export all the channels to Excel and run a full search to find the channel. Or a colleague ask for an example how to use a PI module – since I do not remember all the cases, I run again a full text search on excel.”

EAI Platform Manager, Pharmaceutical Company, 2015 – 1,500 interfaces

“We have been using the UDO tool for several years and it helped us a lot to standardize our mapping documentation and to reduce our documentation efforts.
UDO also provides other helpful features like full-text search functionality across all configuration objects, the identification of orphaned objects and the generation of reports which facilitate our daily SAP PI business.
Our SAP PI landscape contains many configuration scenarios, so it was clear for us that UDO would significantly reduce our documentation and running costs.
I also like to mention that Arianim has a great customer focus and reacts very quickly on UDO questions from our experience.”

Senior Manager, Global Integration & SAP, Baking Industry, 2017 – 700 interfaces
“UDO compliments the existing processes we have with regards interface monitoring & KPI reporting. In fact, since we have had UDO, we have redesigned most of the other processes we have.
All objects (Directory, ESR, SLD, TPM) can easily be exported to Excel, reviewed and reported on. Interfaces can be reviewed with volume for those in error, scheduled, terminated and successful. Our KPI’s have never looked better and we now consider charging out usage to individual departments.
The software is easy to install, on your own PC, and configuration takes no time. You just need to add a few roles to your user. There is also no performance issues when its running reports.
And then there is the ability to create documentation on interfaces, which can have your own logo on them. At any time, any interface document can be re-exported, as a technical specification with mapping details. This also includes a visual diagram of the process. Every now and then, I can check on Channel versions (and versions within last 12 months) and review why some have many changes. This can also then help you make decisions on your standardised processes, and change interfaces where needed. All in all a great addition!”

IT Manager, Global Automotive company, 2017 – 2000 interfaces

“In a complex landscape, with thousands of Integration Scenarios, a Tool like UDO is really a game changer. With UDO, we can obtain Information in a short matter of time, increasing our performance and reducing the daily administrative tasks. In a few months, UDO became our main PI administration cockpit.

As a compliance tool, UDO can compare the ESR between different systems, like Quality and Production Systems, making the housekeeping activities much lighter.

However, what really makes UDO a game changer is the documentation part. After years paying consulting companies to document the interfaces’ development, we finally put a stop on it with the export tool. UDO export in seconds the whole documentation of an interface. Just this saving in consulting costs fulfilled the ROI targets.

As for our new goals, we are going agile and are sundowning all our Interface lists, such as excel files, and promoting UDO as the source of truth regarding SAP Interfaces.”

EAI Manager, Global Medical Technology company, 2020 – 1000 interfaces

“We use the UDO tool to meet the strict documentation requirements in the healthcare sector. It considerably reduces the documentation effort for this.

Furthermore, it is very helpful to provide management with various reports (e.g. “How many orders are sent via EDI?”)”

Process Integration – Middleware Manager, Global Electronics Group, 2020 – 600 interfaces

“The IFlow overview consists many useful information about the interface objects and the filtering options are extensive to find quickly the right interface.

We use the IFlow documentation generation feature for every changed/new integration scenario and therewith its easy for us to keep our interface documentations consistent and up-to-date. And of course we save much time to use for other tasks.”

Founder, SAP Consulting company, 20 employees

“If our pharmaceuticals client was to begin using UDO, we would not be able to charge as many billable days.”

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