An Analytics and Documentation tool

Interface documentation created manually requires high effort, and results in poor quality documentation. What if you were able to automatically generate documentation?

Ten years ago at Arianim, we set out to do just that, and much more.

We created UDO, an ‘Analytics and Documentation’ tool, to help you manage the complexity of your SAP PI/PO interfaces. There’s nothing else quite like it.

UDO has an ‘Excel-like’ UI where you can review all your PI/PO interfaces


Complete visibility of your interface objects

Automatic Interface Documentation

Message Mapping Documentation

Message Mapping Comparison across systems

Message Mapping Similarity Analysis

Migration Analytics

ESR Objects Comparison across systems

DIR Comparison across systems

Includes Trading Partner Management objects

Determine unused interfaces

Interface Catalog or “Run Book”

Interfaces Dokuwiki for your business users

Certificates’ Expiry

… and much more

About UDO

UDO runs on your client computer. It’s simple to install, easy to use, with configuration taking just minutes.

Using display authorisation, UDO extracts PI/PO interface data via SAP standard APIs and webservices, giving you complete visibility of your PI/PO interface landscape.

UDO is available for releases PI 7.0 to PO 7.50

About Arianim

Arianim, an SAP Silver Partner, was founded in Basel, Switzerland, in 2012.

Our global customers span many industry sectors: Agriscience, Automotive, Chemical, Confectionery, Consumer Goods, Diagnostics, Electronics, Food Industry, Insurance, Logistics, Pharma, Retail and Transport.

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