UDO calls SAP standard APIs and services to extract DIR and ESR interface data. Installation on your client is easy, with nothing required on the PI backend system, except for the display authorisations that need to be granted.

Once you have configured your PI host names and user credentials, and have successfully tested the connection, you execute the extract. On more recent versions of PI the extract only takes a few minutes, giving you complete visibility of all your DIR objects.


  • Simple installation – UDO runs on Java (we deliver OpenJDK with the install)
  • Runs on Windows
  • Java heap memory – a minimum free memory of 100MB to 300MB required, depending on the number of scenarios

PI System

  • SAP PI ≥ 7.0 are supported
  • Both ‘Dual stack’ and ‘Java only’ architecture are supported
  • Display J2EE roles need to be assigned to be able to read the PI DIR & ESR interface data using the SAP APIs & Services (details are in the UDO Quick Starter Guide)

Release Notes

UDO is being regularly updated – check out the UDO Release Notes.


If you encounter issues when running UDO, please create a support ticket using the link in the UDO Help menu.

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